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Each year the demand for digital recorded property information increases exponentially.  The demand increases because it enables operations to achieve cost savings at rates never before seen.  The challenge was to provide access to digital documents in a cost effective way so that operations could see the cost savings of using such information.  

Financial institutions, real estate agents, investors, lawyers and others need access to information regarding property history.  The process could be slow and laborious, as employees must actually locate the documents.  With the use of digital documents provided by TitleWorks, the process becomes fast and cost effective.  Labor costs have been reduced, if not eliminated at operations where TitleWorks is in use.

TitleWorks technology gives  its customers a competitive edge, putting the document you need on your desktop in a few seconds.  With TitleWorks' state-of-the-art imaging systems and database management, searching for a document has never been easier.  Using TitleWorks retrieval software and an internet connection, users anywhere in the world are able to retrieve, review, annotate, e-mail and /or print digital documents.  Customers' offices that use TitleWorks services have eliminated the use of microfilm and related equipment thereby allowing them to use its office space in ways that are more productive.  

TitleWorks scans all documents at a higher resolution than that used by its competitors.  This in turn results in better looking images both on the screen as well as on the printed pages.  The scanning phase does not end with scanning.  A series of tools are used on each document to enhance the quality of the document even more.  Indexing is a very labor-intensive task.  Furthermore,  because of quality controls and the double indexing feature (i.e. the ability to retrieve a document either by Book & Page or by Year & Instrument number), TitleWorks indexes all the documents in its overseas operation.  

The retrieval software ease of use and its deceptively simple architecture reflects its quality.  It requires minimal training thereby reducing the learning curve for users.  The software is capable of operating in a desktop in any location.  TitleWorks uses server software that provides the maximum uptime in order to service all clients' requests.  Our data center where our servers are housed provides physical security as well as redundant power, redundant connectivity to the internet backbones and fire repressing systems.  All systems are monitored 365 days per year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   
Documents available Include:
Official Records, Deeds, Assessor Parcel Maps, Tract Maps, Parcel Maps, Record of Survey Maps, Miscellaneous Books Recorded, Fee Books, Kern County Grantor / Grantee

Counties we cover:
Kern, Tulare, Fresno, Madera, Kings, Merced, Orange, Santa Barbara, Ventura

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